Term dates and holidays

The school year consists of 190 'pupil' days. In addition to these days, teaching staff must also be available for work on five extra days (or the equivalent of 30 hours) during the year. These days/hours are used for staff development.

Term dates for community and voluntary controlled schools are set by the local authority in consultation with neighbouring authorities and groups representing school staff.

In foundation, voluntary aided, academies and residential special schools it is the governing body that decides the beginning and the end of school terms and holidays.

Schools in the Mere and Tisbury area may choose between Wiltshire and Dorset dates.

Staff development days

In Wiltshire, all five staff development days (or the equivalent of 30 hours) are set at the individual school's discretion.

Your child's school will be able to inform you of their arrangements for taking these training days. All days will be taken within the 195 published term days.

School term dates

Downloadable documents

Term Dates 2021/2022 (PDF) [81KB] (opens new window)

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Amended Term Dates 2022/23 (PDF) [82KB] (opens new window)

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