Section 19 permit vehicles

What is a Section 19 permit?

  • Under the Section 19 permit scheme, non-profit making organisations concerned with education, religion, social welfare, recreation and other activities of benefit to the community can transport passengers without the need to obtain a Public Service Vehicle Operator's Licence (PSV) and, in most cases, without the driver having to comply with PCV driver licensing requirements.
  • Section 19 Permit vehicles may only be used to carry passengers who are members of the organisation holding the permit. 'Members' has quite a wide definition although in most cases it is obvious who the members are - for example, scouts are members.
  • The operation of Section 19 Permit vehicles must not be undertaken for profit; nor can it be incidental to any activity designed to make a profit. Therefore, the basic premise is that this is a community based organisation, for which most people will give their time free of charge, although drivers' are permitted to be paid, as can some of the organising staff if they have the correct licence category.

How long is the permit valid for?

Permits are valid between 1 and 5 years. However the permit can be revoked or the conditions changed at any time by Wiltshire Council or the Traffic Commissioner.

What charges am I allowed to make?

Charges must not be enough to make any profit even if it goes back into other running costs or charitable purposes.

How much does a permit cost?

There is a £12 charge per Section 19 permit.


Section 19 application form (PDF) [106KB] (opens new window)  

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