Vacant Commercial Units Fund

Trowbridge high street has faced many challenges recently with changing shopping habits and COVID-19. The £16,347,056 investment from central government's Future High Streets Fund will help transform Trowbridge town centre into a vibrant place to live, work and shop.

As part of this investment, we are pleased to launch the Vacant Commercial Units Fund. This is a discretionary grants scheme offering funding to businesses and organisations to bring vacant commercial units back into use. We will support the refurbishment of vacant commercial units to encourage independent businesses and start-ups and encourage the conversion of upper floors of commercial premises, creating additional residential accommodation.

The scheme aims to:

  • Achieve a more compact and vibrant high street
  • Encourage the diversification and revitalisation of the Trowbridge town centre through direct investment to deliver new homes, workspace and space for emerging and independent businesses on the high street

£1.2 million has been allocated to this grant scheme, with small and large grants available in two ranges:

  • Small grant awards between £2,500 and £24,999
  • Large grant awards from £25,000 and £100,000

Grants over £100,000 will be considered in exceptional circumstances where you can demonstrate the activity will be transformative and act as a catalyst to economic growth in Trowbridge.

Grant applications must be for improvements to properties located in Trowbridge town centre and you must contribute at least 25% of the total costs of the investment.

We hope the scheme will attract applications from commercial property owners, business owners, directors and landlords.

We would encourage you to first read the Trowbridge VCUF guidance notes (PDF) [1011KB] (opens new window) for applicants before submitting your application. It provides a useful checklist to ensure you provide all the information necessary to support your application.

Please download the application form and the investment budget spreadsheet and save them on your computer before you complete these documents.

Email a copy of your application to once complete.

If you would like support to help you understand the guidance notes or feel you are not able to complete the application form on your own, email the Future High Streets Fund team on

Online webinar

On 27 September 2022 the Future High Streets Fund team hosted a webinar on the Vacant Commercial Units Fund grant scheme in Trowbridge followed by a question and answer session. A recording of this webinar can be accessed below.

Webinar 27 September 2022 with subtitles

The closing date for applications for the Vacant Commercial Units Fund is Friday 24 November 2023. However, the scheme will close sooner if the funds set at £1.2 million are committed to projects beforehand.

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