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Wearable Wellness programme

Smart activity tracker watches and blood pressure monitors are now available to borrow from our libraries.

About Wearable Wellness

Wiltshire Council are running a 'Wearable Wellness' programme from our libraries with the aim of helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.

The programme makes available smart activity tracker watches and blood pressure monitors for free, with a library membership, to enable you to monitor your health and make informed decisions about your wellbeing.

Which libraries are running Wearable Wellness

With a library membership, you can borrow the devices for free from the following libraries:

If you aren't already a library member, join online, or in person at one of our libraries.

Join the library

How Wearable Wellness works

Our 'Wearable Wellness' programme will help you unlock a healthier lifestyle by providing devices that let you monitor your health and make informed decisions about your wellbeing. It also gives you the opportunity to trial these devices and see whether having your own is something you want to invest in.

Devices available to borrow from our libraries

Staff in libraries do not have medical training and are unable to show customers how to use the devices. However, instruction leaflets are provided, and online resources are available, as detailed in the sections above.

Further information

Links to information on why, where, and how to get active in Wiltshire, whatever your age or ability, and help if you have a medical condition, disability, or long term health condition.

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