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Around half of all businesses experiencing a disaster with no effective plans for recovery fail within the following 12 months. 

Your business could be disrupted by any number of events.
There may be:

  • Power cut
  • Roads closures could prevent your staff getting to work
  • Your supplier may go out of business
  • Your computers may come under cyber-attack

Business Continuity is the process that all companies should use to consider potential disruptions, and then put in place plans on how to get back to normal as quickly as possible.


The Expecting the unexpected booklet will guide you in developing business continuity, helping you and your business to build resilience against any disaster.
Planned business continuity management leads to staff, customers and suppliers being reassured that you have an effective plan for managing the unexpected.
This helps build confidence in your business.

For a more thorough introduction to Business Continuity, please use the government's Business Continuity Management Toolkit that explains the process.


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Last updated: 31 October 2016 | Last reviewed: 31 October 2016