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Florence court Trowbridge

Rutland Crescent,



BA14 0NY


Bedfordshire Pilgrim

Housing Association,

Pilgrims House,



MK40 1NY


Anna Lovesey


Telephone: 01225 764400

email: manager.florencecourt@osjctwilts.co.uk


40 x 2 bedroom flats built in 2010.
All properties are wheelchair accessible; however,specific needs will be assessed on an individual basis.


Extra care scheme with on-site care staff, non-resident management staff and community alarm service.


Social activities may be organised within the scheme or accessed in the community.

  • Lounge
  • Laundry
  • Garden
  • Activities room
  • Treatment rooms
  • IT suite
  • Hairdressers
  • Shop
  • Resident library
  • Quiet lounge

Pets generally not accepted


Combination of affordable rent or shared ownership (50% or 75% of market value).

Florence Court opened in June 2011 and is a partnership between Wiltshire council, Bedfordshire Pilgrim Housing Association (bpha) the landlord and The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) the care provider to provide care and support at all times of the day and night to residents according to their individual needs and choices.


Florence Court has a scheme manager on hand during office hours to provide practical help and support. Staff are trained to provide the support tenants need to run their own home and live independently. The scheme manager will also keep in regular contact with residents, checking that all is well each day, and helping out in emergencies. Staff may consult the resident’s family and voluntary and statutory agencies to make sure that any assessed support is provided.

Although scheme managers are not there to provide care for residents, or to carry out tasks like shopping and cleaning themselves, they will offer advice and help to make arrangements for this to be provided through the on site care team. There is an on-site care and support service 24 hours a day, which means at all times of the day and night.


The costs of living at Florence Court extra care scheme will consist of a number of elements including:

  • The cost of renting the property, currently £131.57 per week for new lets, or the cost of a mortgage if the property is purchased through shared ownership available at 50% (plus small percentage rent on the equity) and 75% of market value
  • Core Care Charge – currently £25.65 per week payable to cover 24/7 care
  • Service charge which cover utilities, communal spaces and maintenance. For rented properties this is currently £55.32 per week (not including personal utility charges). For current shared ownership service charges please contact the landlord, bpha.

Personal care costs are paid separately and are in addition to the costs outlined above.

Tenants/residents may be eligible for assistance towards costs; regular checks on entitlements to benefits should be carried out, especially if care and support costs change.


The scheme is open to those who have a minimum of 10 hours of care provision a week for rented properties and a minimum of 5 hours of care provision per week for shared ownership properties as assessed against the Fair Access to Care criteria. There is a need to balance the ratio of low to high care needs to ensure that a sense of community can be developed and maintained and applicants demonstrating a local connection to Wiltshire will be prioritised.

Allocations are made by an allocations panel and properties are allocated on a needs basis.


If you are interested in purchasing an apartment through the shared ownership scheme please contact Louise Connolly, Sales and Support Advisor for bpha on 07949 234381 or email louise.connolly@bpha.org.uk or contact Connells Estate Agents in Trowbridge on 01225 754391.

If you are interested in renting a property please contact the scheme manager who will send you an application form to complete and return. For rented properties applicants are also required to be registered on the Housing Register.


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