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Sexual health

Sexual health

Sexual health services include access to contraception, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, support and information about safer sexual relationships.

Most sexually transmitted infections are treated easily medication you can be prescribed by a doctor. As with any infection, the earlier you start treatment the more effective the treatment is. However, there are several infections to which there is no current cure and it is therefore very important that these are diagnosed as early as possible.

Poor sexual health can impact on your physical and emotional health.

If you are worried about symptoms or would just like information, contact your doctor, a local pharmacist, a sexual health service or the Department of Sexual Health on 01722 425120.

The Wiltshire Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Strategy was agreed in 2018. The strategy sets out our vision, aims and objectives for preventing the transmission of the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and Blood Borne Viruses, enabling access to the full range of contraception options and preventing sexual violence in all its forms through improved education, awareness raising and appropriate services. Strategy can be downloaded from the bottom of the page.


No Worries is a confidential sexual health service for young people aged 13-24, which offers:

  • Chlamydia self test kits - to order online or find out where you can collect a kit, please visit Freetest.me
  • treatment for patient and partners
  • access to emergency hormonal contraception (EHC), commonly known as the morning after pill, free condoms and pregnancy tests
  • follow up and signposting to other services you may need

Follow No Worries on facebook or contact No Worries at noworries.nhswiltshire@nhs.net

young people friendly logo

If you see this logo you will know that the service works hard to make your visit ‘young people friendly'. Staff will listen to your feedback and have been trained to help and support you in the best way

Sexual Health clinics are provided by the Department of Sexual Health at Salisbury Foundation Trust and are contacted on 01722 425120.  They provide a range of services including:

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Services available from your family doctor

  • advice and signposting to sexual health services
  • access to a full range of contraception
  • advice about abortion
  • Testing and treatment for STI infections
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Access to Emergency Hormonal Contraception
  • Testing and treatment for Chlamydia
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Free condoms
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Chlamydia Screening

The Chlamydia Screening program targets young people 15 – 24 years old who are sexually active.  Young people are encouraged to screen for this infection as it often has no symptoms but has the potential to cause long term health difficulties.

Testing is easy and straightforward with self testing kits being available on-line via https://www.freetest.me/landing/wiltshire (where further information can also be found) or in a variety of venues including your GP surgery, pharmacies, youth services.


HIV Screening

HIV is a long term health condition which can lead to serious complications if left undiagnosed. Most testing is carried out at either GP surgeries or at sexual health clinics. Within Wiltshire an additional HIV home testing system is available

Test kits can be ordered online at www.test.hiv. A kit is sent to your home and a small fingerprick sample is taken before being posted back to the laboratory. Results are received via your chosen method and is usually within 7 days.


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Last updated: 24 March 2020 | Last reviewed: 24 March 2020