Adult care services policies

England's care and support system changed from 1 April 2015

Statement of Policy on Adult Social Care and Support

Adult care charging policy (PDF) [188KB] (opens new window)

Adult care personalisation policy (PDF) [220KB] (opens new window)

Eligible needs policy (PDF) [185KB] (opens new window)

Adult care deferred payment policy (PDF) [225KB] (opens new window)

Whole life commissioning - market position statement (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

A new edition of the Care Choices: Wiltshire Adult Care & Support Guide - Home Care in Wiltshire has now been published and the revised publication is available as a downloadable PDF and eBook version.

Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund

In December 2021, the government announced the Market Sustainability and Fair Cost of Care Fund. The primary purpose of the fund was to support local authorities to prepare their markets for reform (which has now been delayed until 2025) and to support local authorities to move towards paying providers a fair cost of care. 

Fair Cost of Care exercise

As a part of the grant conditions, councils were required to undertake a Fair Cost of Care exercise, and submit the results of this to the DHSC in a prescribed format. Wiltshire Council completed the exercise with providers. The details of the exercise, and the outputs, can be found in the cost of care reports attached below:

Annex B Cost of Care Report - Age 65+ Care Homes (PDF) [414KB] (opens new window)

Annex B Cost of Care Report - 18+ Domiciliary Care (PDF) [239KB] (opens new window)

It is important to note that the Cost of Care exercise was a data gathering exercise undertaken by the council on behalf of the DHSC, it is not a replacement for the fee setting process. We want to work towards a fair cost of care that is built on sound judgement, evidence and negotiation and, critically, one that is affordable through the funding provided by government.

Market Sustainability Plan

In addition to the cost of care exercise, councils had to produce a Market Sustainability Plan and submit this to the DHSC. This document can be found in the published Agenda, Cabinet - Tuesday 28 March 2023 10am.