Wiltshire Council Care Leaver Promise


Council Tax

Because we know how tight money can be when you first leave care and live on your own or with friends, we will exempt all Wiltshire care leavers from paying Council Tax, so you won't have to pay it until you are 25. Your PA will be able to explain how you can claim this exemption.

Priority Banding

As a care leaver you will automatically get priority status under the Homes for Wiltshire Scheme. This allows you to apply for council and housing association accommodation when the time is right for you.

Local Connection

This means that care leavers living outside of Wiltshire can still apply for housing under Homes   for Wiltshire.

Supported Housing Pilot

We have three flats in the Salisbury area which are available for care leavers to rent. These are all two-bedroom flats where care leavers are able to live together. Support is provided    by a small group of PAs.

Rent Guarantee scheme

We offer to act as a rent guarantor to care leavers where they have a sufficient income to cover rent and associated living expenses but where landlords require someone to guarantee the rent.

Accommodations Officer

There is an Accommodations Officer who works with care leavers and other young people. They are able to work with you and your PA to help solve problems. Together with your PA, they can support you to access different independent housing options including social housing (this is accommodation managed by us or a housing association) and provide advice about holding down a tenancy, including avoiding rent arrears, paying bills and budgeting.