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Some phases of Fisherton Gateway scheme nearing completion

The improvements taking place at Fisherton Gateway in Salisbury are progressing well with various phases of works nearing completion.

Published 26 March 2024
Fisherton Gateway artists impression cropped

The improvements taking place at Fisherton Gateway in Salisbury are progressing well with various phases of works nearing completion.

Area B, between Summerlock Approach and Malthouse Lane and Area C, between Fisherton Bridge and Summerlock Approach are all substantially complete. Once remedial works to the grouting have been completed over the next few weeks, these areas will be opened up to pedestrians. Traffic will continue to follow the one-way system from the junction of South Western Road and Fisherton Street to the junction of Fisherton Street and Minster Street.

The scope of works in Area A, has been amended to accommodate the fencing around the new hotel site which blocks part of the highway preventing the original scope of works from being carried out. When this site comes forward the developers will be asked to implement the original scope.

Works in Area D, between Water Lane and Salisbury UR Church, are continuing and will finish in June 2024. Upon completion of Area D, work will continue heading towards the railway bridge.

Upon completion of Area C the works will continue on the other side of Fisherton Street in the direction of South Western Road. The sequence of work may change however due to the location of underground utilities.

In the coming months, the section of Fisherton Street under the railway bridge and South Western Road will be under two-way temporary traffic lights during the construction of the footpath in those areas.

Throughout the remaining period of the works the one-way system will remain in operation with the 'live' through traffic lane moving lanes as works progress through the sections. In general, traffic will flow on the far side of the carriageway from the works area.

Cllr Nick Holder, Wiltshire Council's Cabinet Member for Highways, Street Scene and Flooding, said: "We are nearing a key milestone where one side of Fisherton Street will be finished with the exception of the Malthouse Lane junction which will be completed later in the summer. As we move to work on South Western Road and the other side of Fisherton Street, Milestone will continue to liaise with those businesses closest to the works to ensure their customers have access to their premises and deliveries can be made. Fisherton Street is very much open for business.

"There's no doubt about it, this has been a challenging scheme. We've had unchartered and shallow utility services which in some cases have been so close to the kerb line, an adjustment to the design was needed or a change to the methodology was required as it was not safe to use the excavator as extensively as originally planned. As well as several gas leaks from ageing infrastructure, the on-site team have also had to wait for utility companies to either remove pipes which are no longer required or to move their assets so work can continue.

"One of our Business Plan priorities is to have vibrant, well-connected communities and we are well on our way to achieving this in Salisbury. We are currently still aiming for a summer completion, although it's likely to be towards the end of the summer subject to encountering any further utility challenges. We apologise for the disruption and are unable to accelerate the programme of works as this would involve closing off parts of Fisherton Street causing a greater impact on traffic, businesses and local people in the area.

"We would like to thank local businesses and residents for bearing with us and for their continued co-operation in delivering this important scheme for Salisbury."

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