National offer day for secondary schools

Monday 1 March is national offer day for secondary schools. The outcome of your application can be viewed online.
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Attendance and behaviour


Non-school attendance

You have a legal responsibility to make sure your children get a suitable education (as set out in the Education Act 1996). For the majority, this means making sure your child is registered at a school and that they attend regularly during term time. If your child fails to attend school regularly you are committing an offence and could be issued with a Penalty Notice or prosecuted, which could result in a fine of up to £2500 or imprisonment for failing to ensure your child regularly attends school.  Magistrates can also impose a Parenting Order, which would mean you having to attend parenting classes. The Local Authority can also apply for an Education Supervision Order.

Enquiries and advice

If you are concerned about your child's attendance you should first talk to your child's school.

Alternatively you can contact the Education Welfare Service. Your child's school should provide the email address and mobile number for their allocated Education Welfare Officer.