Bus Service Improvement Plan

The National Bus Strategy for England is a central government policy aimed at improving and increasing bus usage. It requires Local Transport Authorities to work in legal partnership with local bus operators to increase the number of people using public transport and bring about the following benefits to the residents of Wiltshire:

  • Supporting the local economy - Improved access to shops and areas of employment to help build back and improve the economy post covid
  • Improved services to support vulnerable and elderly residents to access essential services such as shopping and medical appointments
  • A reduction in carbon output and improvement in air quality by reducing the number of car journeys across Wiltshire
  • Support leisure travel and local tourism - Through improved weekend, rail link services and more extended bus services

As part of the strategy, Local Transport Authorities are required to produce a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) that outlines the vision for bus services in their area.

The first BSIP and enhanced partnership for Wiltshire has been published:

Wiltshire Council’s Bus Services Improvement Plan (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)

Wiltshire Council's bus services improvement plan - open text document (gi.ui.mediatype.odt) [7MB] (opens new window)

Wiltshire enhanced partnership (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

Wiltshire enhanced partnership - open text document (gi.ui.mediatype.odt) [662KB] (opens new window)