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Posts with a market supplement

Post titleRefGradeMarket supplement/pay scale
Advanced Occupational Therapist CYPDT - Families & ChildrenCA12-2464L12.5%
AMHP - Daytime and Mental HealthCA13-0354M12.5%
AMHP - HubCA13-2469M12.5%
Assistant Team Manager - SASS Families & ChildrenMA13-1153M15%
Assistant Team Manager - Emerald - Families & ChildrenMA13-1942M15%
Assistant Team Manager - Kinship, Fostering, CiC - Families & ChildrenMA13-2245, MA13-1170M10%
Assistant Team Manager SAIFT - Families & ChildrenMA13-2521M5%
Assistant Team Manager - Ongoing Support - AdultsMA13-1339M12.5%
Assistant Team Manager Advice & Contact - AdultsMA13-1410M7.5%
Assistant Team Manager - Hospital Team - AdultsMA13-2058M7.5%
Assistant Team Manager MASH - AdultsMA13-1327M7.5%
Assistant Team Manager - OT - AdultsMA13-2875M12.5%
ASYE Development Manager SASS - Families & ChildrenCA12-1156L15%
ASYE Development Manager CIC - Families & ChildrenCA12-1441L10%
ASYE Development Manager Ongoing Support - AdultCA12-2035L7.5%
Best Interest AssessorCA12-0835L7.5%
Building Control SurveyorRT10-0871J10%
Building Control Team ManagerMA15-0868O7%
Business AnalystOS11-0983K10%
Commissioning Manager Technology Enabled CareOS15-2102O10%
Conference Reviewing OfficerCA14-0387N10%
Consultant Social Worker CA12-1530L15%
Contracts SurveyorRT09-0552I12.5%
Demand Responsive Transport ManagerOS11-2037K20%
DoLS & Mental Capacity Act ManagerMA15-0724O7.5%
DoLS & Mental Capacity Act Professional LeadCA14-0725N7.5%
Investigating Manager - MASHCA12-1328L7.5%
IT Database AdministratorOS13-1620M15%
Locality Hub Team ManagerMA13-2075M12.5%
Occupational Therapist Advanced Practitioner - AdultsCA12-1330, CA12-1686, CA12-1340, MA12-1319L12.5%
Occupational Therapist Level 3 CYPDT - Families & ChildrenCA11-1136K12.5%
Occupational Therapist Level 3 - AdultsCA11-2141, CA11-1331, CA11-1342, CA11-1405K12.5%
Operational Lead - Conference & Reviewing OfficerCA15-0851O10%
Pension Fund AccountantOS11-2352K15%
Pension Fund Accounting & Investment Team LeadMA15-2332O27.5% increasing to
32% in April 2023
Pension Fund Senior Investment & Accounting OfficerOS14-1834N27.5% increasing to
32% in April 2023
Principal Building Control SurveyorRT13-0869, MA13-1531M10%
Public Health Analyst /ScientistRT13-0443M8%
Reablement Discharge & Flow ManagerMA15-2199O12.5%
Rehabilitation Officer - Visual ImpairmentCA10-0794J7.5%
Repairs SurveyorRT09-0553I12.5%
Schools Strategic Finance Management AdviserOS11-0987K10%
Schools Strategic Finance ManagerMA14-0986N10%
Senior Building Control SurveyorRT12-0870L10%
Senior Paediatric Occupational TherapistMA13-2126M12.5%
Senior Practitioner LDAS - AdultsCA13-1029M7.5%
Senior Practitioner Mental Health - AdultsCA13-1061M7.5%
Senior Project Manager - Build ProgrammeOS14-0005N30%
Senior Repairs SurveyorRT12-0551L5%
Senior Solicitor - all at this level including RDsOS14-0440, OS14-0479, OS14-0482, OS14-0485, OS14-0488, OS14-1024, OS14-1027N15%
Social Worker Level 2 - Families & ChildrenCA10-1160, CA10-0801, CA10-0723, CA10-0456J5%
Social Worker Level 2 Ageing Well - AdultsCA10-0776J5%
Social Worker Level 2  LDAS - Adults JCA10-0476J5%
Social Worker Level 2 Ongoing Support - AdultsCA10-1345J5%
Social Worker Level 2 Mental Health - AdultsCA10-0463J5%
Social Worker Level 3 MASH - Families & ChildrenCA11-2444K10%
Social Worker Level 3 SASS - Families & ChildrenCA11-0447, CA11-1157K15%
Social Worker Level 3 Emerald - Families & ChildrenCA11-1741K15%
Social Worker Level 3 Kinship, Fostering, CIC - Families & ChildrenCA11-0411, CA11-0450K10%
Social Worker Level 3 CYPDT - Families & ChildrenCA11-0455K10%
Social Worker Level 3 Ongoing Support - AdultsCA11-1343K12.5%
Social Worker Level 3  Advice & Contact - AdultsCA11-1402K7.5%
Social Worker Level 3 Hospital Team - AdultsCA11-0757K7.5%
Social Worker Level 3 LDAS - AdultsCA11-0529K7.5%
Social Worker Level 3 Mental Health - AdultsCA11-0462K7.5%
Social Worker Level 4 MASH - Families & ChildrenCA12-2443L10%
Social Worker Level 4 SASS - Families & ChildrenCA12-1155L15%
Social Worker Level 4 Emerald - Families ChildrenCA12L15%
Social Worker Level 4 Kinship, Fostering, CIC - Families & ChildrenCA12-0802, CA12-1847, CA12-2234, CA12-0802, CA12-2077L10%
Social Worker Level 4 SAIFT - Families & ChildrenCA12-0414L5%
Social Worker Level 4 Ongoing Support -AdultsCA12-1341L12.5%
Social Worker Level 4 Advice & Contact - AdultsCA12-1320L7.5%
Social Worker Level 4 Hospital Team - AdultsCA12-1305L7.5%
Social Worker Level 4 LDAS - AdultsCA12-1888L7.5%
Solicitor Level 1 - All at this level including RD'sOS11-0438, OS11-0477, OS11-0480, OS11-0483, OS11-0486, OS11-1022, OS11-1025K15%
Solicitor Level 2 - All at this level including RD'sOS13-0439, OS13-0478, OS13-0481, OS13-0484, OS13-0487, OS13-1023, OS13-1026M15%
Specialist Social Worker Deaf PeopleCA11-1096K7.5%
Sports Coaches - Including RDsCE08-0797, CE08-0350, CE08-1106, CE08-0355, CE08-0397, CE08-0408H10%
Team Manager Hearing VisionMA14-2341N7.5%
Team Manager SASS -Families & ChildrenMA15-0736O15%
Team Manager Emerald - Families & ChildrenMA15-1941O15%
Team Manager Kinship, Fostering, CIC - Families & ChildrenMA15-1709O10%
Team Manager CYPDT - Families & ChildrenMA15-0752O10%
Team Manager SAIFT - Families & ChildrenMA15-1103O5%
Team Manager Ongoing Support - AdultsMA15-1338O12.5%
Team Manager Advice & Contact - AdultsMA15-1318O7.5%
Team Manager Hospital TeamMA15-2057O7.5%
Team Manager MASH - AdultsMA15-1326O7.5%
Team Manager LDAS -AdultsMA15-0758O7.5%
Team Manager Mental Health - AdultsMA15-0460O7.5%
Team Manager AMHP Daytime and Mental HealthMA15-1811O12.5%
Team Manager OT - AdultsMA15-1329, MA15-1636O12.5%
  Hay Graded RDs  Post titleRefGradeMarket supplement/pay scale
FACT Programme LeadLST1-1729T1Paid at upper quartile
Service Manager - Support & Safeguarding North & EastLSL5-1463L5Paid at upper quartile
Service Manager -  Support & Safeguarding South & WestLSL5-1464L5Paid at upper quartile
Head of Housing People ServicesLSL4-2092L4Paid at upper quartile
Head of SEND & InclusionLSL3-1733L3Paid at upper quartile
Head of School EffectivenessLSL3-1574L3Paid at upper quartile
Head of Wiltshire Pension FundLSL3-2088L3Paid at upper quartile
Corporate Director PeopleLSCD-1999L1CDPaid at upper quartile

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