Electric vehicles and charging points

On-street vehicle charging policy - temporary provision

The document below details the on-street vehicle charging policy and it's guidelines. This is a temporary provision.

On-street vehicle charging policy - temporary provision (gi.ui.mediatype.odt) [178KB] (opens new window)

Charger locations

We are always looking for new locations for electrical vehicle charging points.

Suggest an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge Point location

For information on types of changing available, visit Types of EV charging available.

How to use the rapid and fast charging points

The units were provided by BP Pulse and are part of the Polar Instant network.

At this time Wiltshire Council do not charge for the electricity provided. However, connection charges do apply for Non-Polar Network national charging members, and parking charges still apply (if applicable).

For a POLAR PLUS+ RFID membership, please see POLAR PLUS+.

To get instant access on a pay as you go basis, download the BP Pulse or Polar instant app via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or call the Polar helpline on 0330 016 5126.

Wiltshire Council's electric vehicle fleet

Currently our fleet of pool cars include 3 fully electric vehicles and 8 with ultra low emissions.

For more detailed information about low emission vehicles including electric vehicles and charging visit the GOV.UK: Office for Low Emission Vehicles.