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Community Led Housing

Homes of Our Own is the community led housing hub covering Wiltshire and Swindon. It is a partnership between Community First (opens new window), Wiltshire Community Land Trust (opens new window), Swindon Borough Council (opens new window) and Wiltshire Council.

The vision of Homes of Our Own is to enable and support community groups to deliver housing development that provides defined community benefits which are protected in perpetuity. Furthermore, the project vision is to provide a legacy for community led development. Localism and innovation lies at the heart of the vision and it is helping to build stronger and more resilient communities.

Homes of Our Own supports and enables groups seeking to deliver alternative solutions to their community housing needs beyond the mainstream delivery mechanisms. The Homes of Our Own team offer support to assist with the work associated with setting up a community led housing group, and to enable community led housing projects. It also supports community groups working in a developer-community partnership.

The Homes of Our Own team are hosted by Community First and Wiltshire Council and includes skills and experience in community led housing, community engagement, housing needs, affordable housing, planning, procurement of services and project management. Homes of Our Own works across the partner organisations and has access to external independent advisors with experience of the community led housing sector.

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