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Council sheltered housing

  • Sheltered housing aims to help older people to live independently
  • The Council can offer self-contained studios, flats or bungalows often with communal areas too such as a residents’ lounge, garden, guest room and laundry facilities.
  • They include safety features such as an alarm line so that residents can call for help in an emergency, and some schemes have restricted access.
  • The Council is responsible for major repairs and the upkeep of communal areas in most sheltered housing.
  • Housing Support Officers provide low-level support.
  • There are 23 Council run sheltered schemes in Wiltshire. These are listed below, and clicking on a scheme brings up information about it. All information is correct at the time of publication, but you are advised to make your own checks, in case of changes.
  • Some local housing associations provide sheltered housing too, contact them direct for details.
  • Local vacancies (both Council and housing association) are advertised on http://www.homes4wiltshire
  • Most Council sheltered housing is let at social rents but 60 new flats have recently been built at Evergreen Court for affordable housing and shared ownership.
  • Pets are allowed in Council sheltered housing on a permission basis.
  • Sheltered housing is generally aimed at people of 60 years and over who live and work in the county, or have a qualifying local connection or qualifying reason for living in Wiltshire. Full details of this and of the financial criteria are set out in http://www.homes4wiltshire
  • Properties are sometimes available to people under 60 years e.g. Evergreen Court accepts applications from people of 55 years and over. Where this applies, it is stated in the advertisement.
  • Housing associations may have different requirements, contact them for details.
  • Details of both Wiltshire Council and housing association sheltered vacancies are advertised on http://www.homes4wiltshire
  • For information about Homes 4 Wiltshire please go to http://www.homes4wiltshire
  • If you don't have access to a computer please call the Customer Service Team on 0300 456 0104
  • Most of the Council's housing is at social or affordable rent and this covers the accommodation and management costs. There is also a service charge to cover the costs of any communal areas and services such as the alarm line.
  • Costs, and therefore charges, will vary from scheme to scheme. When a vacancy is advertised, it will include details of the charges.
  • Housing benefit may help with charges where a resident qualifies for this.

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Last updated: 21 January 2020 | Last reviewed: 21 January 2020