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A parents guide to school admission appeals

The Decision

The usual process for determining the outcome of an appeal is for the Panel to undertake two stages. The first is to examine the decision to refuse admission. If the panel finds that the decision to refuse admission was reasonable as the admission of an additional child would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources, they then go on to the second stage which is to balance the arguments. During this the Appeal Panel must balance the prejudice to the school against your case for the child to be admitted to the school.

The Panel has a different process to follow when determining the outcome of an appeal which is an infant class size appeal and these appeals are much harder to win. Please see the Infant class size appeals section for further details.

The clerk will usually email you to advise of the decision made by the panel the same day or at the latest the morning after the appeal. You will also be sent the decision of the appeal panel in writing (by email), usually within 5 school days of the appeal.

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