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Saved policies from District Local Plans

Saved policies not replaced by the Wiltshire Core Strategy continue to be saved until replaced by policies in a subsequent plan. Appendix D to the Core Strategy lists the status of policies previously saved. You can view the former district local plans through the links below.

Appendix D: Saved policies and policies replaced

The policies set out in the table in Appendix D, are  those that were saved by the former District Council Local Plans, the West Wiltshire Leisure and Recreation Development Plan Document and the South Wiltshire Core Strategy.

The table indicates whether each of the policies are to be deleted as no longer required; replaced by the policies of the Wiltshire Core Strategy; or will continue to be saved to sit alongside the policies of the Core Strategy. Policies that are listed as 'saved' will be subject to further review as part of the Core Strategy Partial Review process.

 Icon for pdf Appendix D Wiltshire Core Strategy [290.39KB]  PDF (290kb)

Former District Local Plans