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Planning policy

Introduction to Planning Policy

Planning policy documents are produced to inform decisions when approving or rejecting planning applications as well as to outline a vision for when and where future development in the area should take place.

All of the planning policy documents within one local planning authority area are collectively known as the Local Plan. These documents are prepared to implement plans that help address needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities and infrastructure as well as forming a basis for safeguarding the environment and securing good design.

Within Wiltshire there are a number of planning policy documents that collectively form the local plan and these document can be viewed further down the page.


The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is a key part of the government's reforms to make the planning system less complex and more accessible. The NPPF sets out the government's planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied, vastly simplifying the content and reducing the quantity of planning policy pages. The NPPF acts as guidance for Wiltshire Council both in drawing up plans and making decisions about planning applications.

To support the NPPF the government produced National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) which is published and regularly updated online. The NPPG adds further context to the NPPF and replaces thousands of pages of guidance that was previously published in separate documents.


Latest News

Please see below information on selected recent news that we feel may be of interest to you.

Wiltshire Council is reviewing the Wiltshire Core Strategy adopted in January 2015 (to be recast as the Wiltshire Local Plan) which identifies land for development for the period to 2026.  A review is required as the Government encourages local planning authorities to review their Local Plans every five years, and in order to prepare the review in good time, it is necessary to commence work now. 
An intitial consultation asked about the issues the review should address in order to plan for the period to 2036. The consultation documents included:

Both were prepared to stimulate discussion on how the review of the Wiltshire Local Plan should be carried out.  At this stage no decisions have yet been made on the future locations for growth and development.

Consultation Comments

Comments were invited on all the consultation documents and supporting evidence during a six week consultation period, which ran from 9:00am on Tuesday 7 November 2017 until 5:00pm on Tuesday 19 December 2017.

All comments recieved as part of this consultation are currently being processed. Once processed they will be available via the consultation portal.

  • For comments relating to the Joint Spatial Framework Issues Paper follow this link.
  • For comments relating to the Witlshire Local Plan Review Consultation Paper follow this link.

Please scroll down and click on the "all comments" tab to view comments.

Further Information

An explanatory leaflet was produced as part of the consultation and that can be downloaded here.

Further information can be found via the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and Swindon & Wiltshire Joint Spatial Framework webpages.


Housing Land Supply Statement

The latest Housing Land Supply Statement has been published and can be accessed via the link below.

For further information please visit our Monitoring and Evidence webpage.


Wiltshire Council published the draft Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan, along with accompanying evidence reports, for formal consultation during a 10 week consultation period, which ran from Friday 14 July 2017 until 5:00pm on Friday 22 September 2017.

This consultation has now closed and more information can be found on the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan webpage.


Wiltshire Council has published its brownfield land register. Local planning authorities, including Wiltshire Council, are required to publish a brownfield land register for their area by 31 December 2017 and to maintain them, reviewing them at least once a year.

A brownfield land register sets out previously developed land that a local planning authority considers appropriate for residential development.

For further information on the register please follow this link to the brownfield land register webpage.


Local Plan

The Local Plan acts as a critical tool in guiding decisions about individual development proposals, with the Local Plan acting as the starting-point for considering whether applications can be approved.

In Wiltshire, the Local Plan includes the Wiltshire Core Strategy incoporating saved policies from district local plans, Chippenham Site Allocations Plan, Minerals and Waste Plans and made Neighbourhood Plans.

Emerging Plans

A number of plans are currently in preparation, you can find information on the latest progress of these plans through the links below. Plans currently in preparation include:

  • Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan (WHSAP)
  • Wiltshire Local Plan Review (LPR) including Swindon & Wiltshire Joint Spatial Framework (JSF)
  • Neighbourhood Plans (NP)

Other Planning Documents

Within this section you will find information on a range of other documents that are produced by Wiltshire Council including:

Monitoring & Evidence section includes (M&E)

  • Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment: Information on how to submit a site is also contained on this webpage.
  • Housing Land Supply Statement
  • Housing Land Availability Report
  • Infrastructure Delivery Plan

Brownfield Land Register (BLR)

The brownfield land register sets out previously developed land that a local planning authority considers appropriate for residential development.

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The Wiltshire LDS sets out the Development Plan Documents (DPDs) prioritised for production by Wiltshire Council and the timetable for their preparation that will, when complete, together with other adopted documents, comprise the Local Plan for Wiltshire.

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

The SCI sets out the process and methods for community involvement for different types of plans and for different stages of plan preparation.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

In May 2015, the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) came into force locally in Wiltshire. We adopted a CIL charging schedule, Regulation 123 list, Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and an instalments policy for the payment of CIL.

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