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Environmental protection


Response to Environmental Complaints by the Environmental Control & Protection Team, to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We are continuing to respond to complaints from the public in relation to noise, smoke and other environmental issues. However, we will not be visiting people in their homes. Where possible we will contact individuals by email or phone; please provide these details when you make contact where possible.

We are continuing with enforcement action where this is required and will liaise with the police where needed.

Please assist us in the investigation of complaints by downloading a diary sheet and keeping a record of the issue, be it noise, smoke or other nuisance.

We would ask people to have consideration for their neighbours and those around you during the coming weeks.

We are getting a lot of complaints about these issues in particular.

With more people at home during the day we are getting more complaints about bonfires, please be considerate to your neighbours and follow the advice on how to prevent a problem to your neighbours here.


Please have regard to your neighbours by keeping the volume of music, TVs and Gaming at a reasonable level, whilst we are all at home, where Gaming or listening to music Headphones are recommended where people are playing noisy computer games or wanting to play music which could be intrusive. Advice can be found here.


Officers will not be visiting people in their homes where we have made arrangements for an out of hours response. These will be logged by the call centre and passed to the investigating officer for follow up.

Last updated: 26 March 2020 | Last reviewed: 26 March 2020